Membership of the association shall be open to private or government organizations, firms, associations, corporations and individuals, interested in furthering the objectives of PMA. AIMA members of Patiala are by default members of the Patiala Management Association.


PMA offers following categories of membership:

1. Institutional Members : Any firm, corporation, government enterprise, academic institution etc. shall be eligible.

2. Professional Members: Those individuals who are professionally qualified and employed in industry, commercial firms, financial institutions, government enterprises, consulting firms, academic institutions etc. or self-employed shall be eligible for professional membership. They shall, however, have to fulfill the specific requirements, for membership as prescribed in the AIMA rules and regulations.

3. Honorary Membership: Distinguished persons who have rendered outstanding service in the field of management may be invited by the executive committee to be honorary members of PMA.

4. Patron Members: Any firm company or organization eligible for institutional membership and any person eligible for professional individual membership shall be eligible for enrolment as patron member of the PMA.


5. Student Members: All individuals who have attained the age of 18 years and are enrolled as postgraduate students in an academic institution or of AIMA for its diploma program shall be eligible for student membership. Application for student membership shall have to be forwarded by the Head of Department/Institution in which the candidate has enrolled himself or herself as a student. No such member shall remain student member after reaching the age of 28 years except those who are pursuing the AIMA diploma program.